Terence O’Brien

542 Quaker

East Aurora, N.Y. 14052

(716) 655 - 3690


Art is the bridge that gaps mortal life with the divine. It is this creative impulse that invents the god, slays the dragon and  frees the soul of its burden. Our first human impulse, beyond mere simple survival, is art and so it shall always be that art is the predecessor to all higher experience. When the clear radiance of the aesthetic impulse is apprehended by the mind,  a new masterpiece is born.

Terence O


Mission Statement

As an artist my goal is to create that which has yet to be created, paint that which expresses new reaches and depths of realization and assist humanity in attaining its next achievable nexus.


My education exists solely on the years I have devoted to perfecting personal techniques, which evolved to exactitude.     It is the absence of scholastic dharma, which has enabled me to bring truly unique, honest and original work to life.


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